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September 22nd
7:52 PM
I’m up

I’m up

September 21st
7:24 PM

Spike scene stills

September 16th
11:58 PM

Me and Dru, we’re movin’ in

12:02 AM

buffy blog is bk again

September 15th
11:48 PM

my ginder ff


Once upon a tim ther was a choson 1 and sh fight vampire demon and force of dark she is slayer but also has friend xandr he v hot he in liberry

'gile ther demon' say xandr he very scare bc demon

'I wil kil it' say bufy

'no u cant u mit get injury' scream angel v sexy n protectve n forhed

May 27th
6:23 PM



wouldn’t it be an amazing cross fandom thing if Sarah Michelle Gellar guest starred on Bones and she was a baker and Booth had to come question her and she was like “I’m done baking!” and she took some cookies out of the oven and gave some to Booth


Spuffy shippers over here like: 

May 7th
6:45 PM


It’s like you’re a leech, sucking the life from me.

(requested by jkrfan7)

May 6th
3:20 AM

 I really needed to see this before my wine chemistry exam tomorrow

May 5th
6:38 PM
40 min ago there having Cinco de Mayo lunch!

40 min ago there having Cinco de Mayo lunch!

May 2nd
12:39 AM